MAP MY BAG is a Marketing consultancy and advisory company, which focuses on the development and growth of Small and Medium Enterprises. We work with digital solutions for your business, website creation, online campaigns (SEO), social media management, video marketing, infographics, visual identity, photography and human resources (mannequins, photographic models, hostesses and promoters).

We provide integrated Marketing solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises, through an innovative mindset, creative execution and professional excellence in each project. Nowadays, having a beautiful website does not mean being successful on the internet, the work must go far beyond having a beautiful page with good images. Today’s customers are increasingly demanding and it is in this step that we offer everything you need to have a well-structured base.

We guide our customers, to create the habit of inserting content on their pages and social networks, generating free knowledge to their customers with relevant information, is the way to retain followers, who will become customers. We are able to identify and guide your company in this process.

Hire those who really care about your business and have experience in the subject!


Development is the key word of our work. We work hard so that the development of your dream become reality. We believe that our lives are made of dreams and achievements, but how can we make our wishes and aspirations concrete? We are on your side, so that development happens and your dreams come true.


Advertising has changed shape, today a well-designed online campaign, will make your company reach thousands of people, at a very satisfactory cost benefit. We know the steps that will help your company to be seen by your target audience. To make your business even more imposing, you need to invest in more actions like, web solutions with interactive marketing, video marketing, gifts, among other services, giving your company more visibility.




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